Hotels near North of Columbus

Columbus, Ohio – Ohio's largest city and also the state capital attracts a delightful mix of professionals, students, tourists and families. This is mainly due to a long series of parades and festivals that take place almost all year round. Another major attraction is the number of picturesque parks open to the public and a long list of cultural institutions that have received numerous awards. Columbus is one of the best places in the state of Ohio, and this is evidenced by the year-round influx of visitors. This regular stream of visitors would require accommodation, and the city does not disappoint. In the north of Columbus you will find the best hotels in Ohio that will make your stay not only comfortable, but also enjoyable.

Nature lovers will love the city as the Columbus Zoo, named the America's Best Zoo, will allow you to experience a variety of habitats and ecosystems inhabited by animals from around the world. The home of over 700 species of animals is a treat for everyone, regardless of their love of nature. You can even use a nearby water park that offers some of the best water slides and river activities to keep your adrenaline going. For the less adventurous, there are much more relaxing things to do, such as playing golf or a relaxing tour of the wonderful accommodations.

History and art lovers will fall in love with this place as it is a melting pot of cultures and boasts the most original and innovative boutiques, art galleries and open-air cultural tours that will bring you into the beauty of the place. Gourmets will also find a lot, as Columbus is famous for its pretty sidewalk cafes serving the most delicious food, and for tasting the city's unique culture. History and Columbus go hand in hand, and you can see how it comes to life when you visit the Statehouse Museum.

Seeing all these sights and experiencing these experiences is possible thanks to the wonderful living conditions in the hotels in the north of Columbus. Known for their famous Midwestern hospitality, you will have the experience of a lifetime when you check into one of the hotels and will never again feel like leaving the hotel.